Friday, September 23, 2016

Bento #133


Today is Friday...yeayyyy.....tomorrow boleh spend more time with my 5 pearls at home, at park, at mall :)

Apa2 pun, tugas tukang masak kena diteruskan...lalalala..

Our 133rd bento in 2016:

Fried vermicelli
Scallion frittata
Pandan roll cake with lime buttercream filling (baked last nite, nnt mom share this simple recipe ya!)


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bento #132: Steamed glutinous rice with Rendang Ayam & Cheese Challah

AsSalam & Gd Day

Our 132nd bento of the year (if you notice the leap of the bento number....heheh...bento ada tp mmg tak kan sempat nk upload sambungan dr #88 iaitu sblm Ramadhan lagi, pic pun some ada, some tak de).

Ni sesi nak abeskn pulut yg mcm nk expired je hahah...
Tong teng tong teng...jadi le pulut  kuning.
Once in a while, ok lah kan. Seriau gak dok tuang 7 tablespoon of coconut milk (beli kelapa parut then I blended myself and perah to get the creamy meamy santan tu..).
Apa2 pun, mom akan control the consumption of these things kan...sapa lagi nk control kalau tak si tukang masak, kan.....heheh

But the pic mom amik kt office je tadi...mcm2 silat kat rumah so x sempat nk posing smua kt rumah.

This is our today's bento:

Pulut kuning
Rendang Ayam
Cheesy Challah slice (ni left over from last night's dinner...resipi mcm belum ada kt blog, ada free2 time nnt bleh lah mom share ye!)
Banana (mom x bwk sbb mom tak makan pisang so no pic here)


Cheesy challah slice, honey & dlm pouch blakang tu is pulut & rendang

The pulut

The rendang..the color is distorted la plak um um um.....Ni pic kat rumah tadi sbnarnya

Our humble dinner...

Assalam & Gd Day

Dah lamaaaaaa sgt menyepi...mcm2 jadi.
Busy - spt biasa
Memasak - still my main duty wpun working mom & works are piling up!
Vit M - utk upload pic ke blog je BUT rajin ke insta la plak :)

These are our dinner menu.
Simplicity is the best policy...kan?

Our kitchen menu:

Burritos - fillings: endive lettuce, scallion, tomatoes, carrot, cheese and the sauce is my homemade enchilada sauce
---> for the totilla, klik TOTILLA untuk dapatkan resipinya ye...
---> for enchilada sauce pulak, klik sini ye ENCHILADA  ; baru masak malam tadi, dah habis stok rupanya hmm...

Taco (in special form heheh): toppings: endive lettuce, scallion, tomatoes, carrot, toum, cheddar & mozzarella

Cheesy Challah - will add recipe if Allah permits hihi


Burrito with grilled chicken & veggies as fillings

Our kind of tacos - grilled for a minute or two to melt the mozza

Tarraaaa....crispy taco (not folded)

Bila makan krrrruppp krrruuppp...

Our giant dinner roll hahaha... Cheesy Challah..very eggy & of course, yummm!

All the veggies....

The color is actually a bit red enchilada sauce