Wednesday, January 18, 2017

13th bento | 18.01.17 | Wed

Hi...AsSalam...Gud morninggggg

Alhamdulillah...wpun not really sempat to snap photos in the kitchen, mom snapped at office ya!

Simple yet 😋😋😋 lunchbox for us today.

Anchovies + Karipulay fritters with sauce (tapi mom tak suka sgt sos, ngap cenggitu jerk)
Fruits gala: wax apple + kiwi + grape
Snickers + M&Ms [tuan suami bw pulang dari office lewat mlm, buka je fridge tgk selambak choc snacks mcm2 ada 😃]

Our bento

The lunch pouch

12th Bento | 17.01.17 | Tuesday

Good day everyone..........❤❤❤❤

Long time no write 👯👯👯
But the B.E.N.T.O is always there to be in our lunch bags ya!

Mom super duper busy dah pepagi. Got new routine due to ada skool yg tambah sesi pagi petang. kena keluar awal lah sket...picture2 blom dan nk amik lagi except this morning!

Phew....xpe selitkn mana2 yg ada ek.

Our 12th bento in 2017:
Mushroom chicken pie (my daughter made the crust, I made the filling and assemble everything before they're going into the oven)
Egg toast
Mineral water


Mushroom chicken pie

Egg toast