Friday, January 6, 2012

Dinner 05.01.12

Yesterday my dayang1, Batrisyia Razilan, dah set-kan playtime kt rumah kawannya so mommy pun hantar dia dlm kul 10:30am and pick her up abt 5:30pm. Cuti2 sekolah ni like nothing to do so I let her go je lah.

Kami yg lain spent most of our time kt library. Kids are using the computers, then reading time & etc2. Lunch we have tomyam ayam, ulam salad + thai sauce (nnt mommy share-kn resipi ni yerkk).

After picking-up Batrisyia, we prepared for dinner. Mostly Danish yg byk tolong sbb dia yg paling suke2 sgt dgn lasagne...ops! before I forget, depa ni tak suka beed lasagne (ada bauuu katernye) so each time buat pun mesti chicken lasagne dan chicken tu is chunks, bkn minced.

Here are our dinner malam tadi....

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