Monday, April 25, 2016

Bento #60: Pepperoni bread pizza

Assalam & G'day

Today's bento kind of put everythg on the spot & dump in the oven aje 😁...sbb night before-nya tu smpai dr rembau dh almost midnight (hntr my boy balik asrama).
Sblh pagi Ahad dok di pdg bola di serdang, another 2 boys ada soccer league tournament, till abt 4pm baru balik ke rmh...sgt lah tiringnya..... 😅

But, gagahlah jugak in the morning to serve all these simple food for my beloved family.
So our bento #60, Monday (18 April 2016):
Pepperoni bread pizza
Fruit loops cereal
Water & Milo


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