Sunday, October 16, 2011


9 years passed. She is now beautiful, hale & hearty and that is my petite Anis Rumaysa. Today is her 9th birthday and syukran ya Allah for giving me such a beautiful moments in my childbearing and childcaring period.

My third pregnacy, seperti yg me & my darling plan & doa, to get a girl. We never put our hope so high in getting a gender we planned for but we did usaha & ikhtiar & doa as what we've done in the previous pregnancies. And indeed, so much Alhamdulillah, we got a girl! She's not hard at all to get out of this world. The simplest of all even though she's abt 18days overdue and yet, dgn tahap kedegilan mommy yg  begitu tebal, mommy x mo di-induce (as usual, w/pun dh lewat). And also, dgn tahap kesabaran yg tggi, mommy tunggu biar Rumaysa "siap" & "ready" utk naturally get out from my womb, tanpa mommy (or gynae) paksa dia utk keluar.

On 16 Oct 2002, my gynae (sama gynae masa 1st & 2nd anak dulu) asked to have routine check-up (sbb biler dh overdue of course kene hari2 pi wat antenatal check-up and Alhamdulillah, my water level was ok, her heartbeat was ok & her weight pun ok (not drastically increased). So, no reasons to force her out, wasn't? Dipendekkan citer, check-up for 16Oct tu was different from the previous days. I was 3cm dilated & my cervic was ripen enough to be stimulated. So, gynae advised to stay in ward and mommy agreed. Sbbnya, mommy was so much confident with my fetal stimulation at this stage and I know she'll be out by today. My gynae mmg very busy that day smpai dr thari smpai maghrib tu mommy dh so boring did nothing dlm ward except doing stimulation . During mahgrib time, mommy solat jamak maghrib & isyak kt dlm bilik (ward) sbb mommy rasa mmg Rumaysa akan come out anytime..Lg pun gynae dh confirmed I was then 5cm dilated so cam biasa mommy requested her to break my water bag.

Around 8pm mommy pegi labour room (no pain at usual ). Gynae pecahkn tuban at abt 8.15pm. then she left. Mommy berbual2 dgn my darling and kebetulan my sister in law (adik hbby) ada so dia pun join skjp dlm labour room -- chat2 then mid wife dtg & asked her to leave the room because she needs to get things prepared. Hujung katil dibengkokkan - cam biasa le kan, utk sng gynae sambut baby. By then  mommy dgr my sis-in-law talking to my gynae (kebetulan saling kenal sbb guna khidmat gynae yg sama gynae :) ). Tak smpai another 10 min, mommy rasa mcm ada benda nk terkeluar dr bwh. Mommy mula2nye konfius, apa yg nk keluar ni sbb mommy tak push apa2 pun -- just baring2 je. Tiba2 mmg dh xleh nk tahan, cam nak terkeluar sgt, soh le hb pggey gynae & masa tu jerit pggey midwife. Dia dtg terus jerit bgtau Rumaysa dh crowning! I said "cepat doctorr!!!" Midwife pun jerit2, "full dilation - full dilation!!!".
My gynae pe lagik, sepantas kilat menyerbu masuk labour room, tak sempat pakai glove! Dia sambut Rumaysa dgn sebelah tangan - kalau tak, sure Rumaysa tergolek atas lantai! Fuuuhhhh!!!!!

Mmg suspen sgguh masa tu sbb mommy tak buat apa2 pun. Rumaysa came out HERSELF without me pushing her OUT! That's incredible! Truly lah antara nikmat2 Allah berikan kpd mommy masa bersalin...Syukran ya Allah! Syukran....

This is her, 2dys old - the day mommy discharged.

Gynae ckp cam anak org jepun!

This is her when she's a few months old.

This is her on last Saturday, 8Oct11; at Hunter Valley Gardens, Pokolbin NSW.

This is her now - as of today, 16Oct11. Mommy & anak2 di Newcastle just wat kek (gateau), meehun singapore plus puding belang for her. Her Papa is in Malaysia - just sang her happy birthday thru the phone....

Happy beautiful 9th birthday my pearl!
Wishing you be one of the solehahs. As much as I admire Rumaysa bint Milhan, and that's as much as I want you to be...her excellent character, the power of her intellectual and like her, be the one who will get Allah's rahmat in the hereafter, Amiin.


  1. salam kenal alma
    u ke tuan punya rcp cottan cheesecake yg meletop-letop tu?
    very cute girl..
    lesung pipit yg mahal tu..
    happy bday..

  2. Wsalam Hamizah...tq sudi dtg ke rumah saya ni :)
    resipi scjcc tu mmg saya hantar kt MyR tp meletop2 ka? heheh...

    tq for the bday wish :)
    tu arr..smua anak2 saya, boys & girls ada lesung pipit smpai gynae pun dh mark kami ni fmly lesung pipit :D