Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Weekend's lunch


Here we go again...pizza & pasta kat rumah ni, setiap masa pon xpe mmm
Kids tak berapa nak nasi bagai so mom follows only BUT not always. Me, agak tekak melayu jugek, may want some rice & its package but not necessary every week.

This is our lunch for last 2 weekends.
We make all large size pizzas, with different toppings - ikut selera tekak yang pelbagai katakan... :P
The base mom uli sendiri, very soft Italian rich-olive pizza base...yummm...

Jom tengok mom's pizza.

Clockwise: The soft dough, turkey toppings with pizza sauce, pepperoni topping wth blackpepper sauce & turkey toppings with pizza sauce & lotta cherry tomatoes+black olive

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  1. salam sis...boleh bg resepi olive pizza base nie x?nmpk gebu sngt base nie =)