Saturday, June 11, 2016

Iftar 4 Ramadhan 1437H | 09.06.16

Almaraz family menu untuk iftar ke-4:

Ghee Rice (resipi di bawah) 
Beef varuval (resipi di bawah)
Dhal curry
Fried chicken
Fried prawn
Pappedom (not in pic)
- corn pudding & lempeng pisang


The recipes are actually from my foodie-lover mate, Venisri.
Thanks Sri! for all the lovely Indian recipes you've shared...really kena jiwa hihihi....

Ghee Rice

Simple Ghee Rice
Source: Venisri Senthan
--mom just C&P from Sri's FB ya :)

Ingredients :~
• 4 rice-cups Basmathi rice (washed and soaked in water for 30 minutes, then drain excessive water)
• 4 rice-cups water
• 1 rice-cup evaporated milk (mom changed to coconut milk)
• 1 tbsp salt
• 2-3 tbsp ghee
•1 tbsp margerine
• 2 tbsp garlic-ginger paste
• 5 shallots sliced
• 1 cinnamon stick
• 3 cardamom pods
• 1 star anise
• 1 stalk lemongrass (crushed)
• 2 green chillies (sliced)
• 1 handful mint leaves (chopped) (omitted)
• 1 handful coriander leaves (chopped)
• 2 bay leaves
• yellow food colouring / sprinkle some saffron on cooked rice OR both
• 2 tbsp cashew nuts (omitted)
• 2 tbsp almond nuts (toasted in ghee) (omitted)
• 2 tbsp sultana raisins (toasted in ghee)
*omitted sbb kids are not into nuts...

Method :~
1. Transfer washed and soaked Basmathi rice into rice cooker.
2. In a pan, heat ghee and margerine. Saute cinnamon stick, cardamom pods, star anise, sliced
shallots and green chillies until fragrant.
3. Add garlic-ginger paste and lemongrass. Add mint, coriander and bay leaves. Mix well and pour
the gravy into rice cooker and mix together.
4. Add water, evaporated milk and salt. Mix and allow to cook.
5. Once rice cooked, turn off the switch. Using a chopstick, make few holes in the rice. Add few
dashes of yellow colouring into each hole. Sprinkle saffron if you prefer and some toasted nuts and
raisins. Close the lid. (DO NOT mix the rice immediately!).

Beef Varuval
Aroma masa memasak mmg umphhh!

Here is the recipes, very simple yet tempting!

Beef/Mutton Varuval
source: Venisri Senthan (cau use Mutton but mom used Beef as the protein sbb tekak anak2 lebih kpd beef wpun mom sgt suka mutton/lamb)

Bhn A (perapan):
1kg daging
2 sdb ginger garlic paste [mom dah blend siap2 but not mixed the paste]
3 stalks lemongrass paste
3 sdb chilli powder
1 sdt turmeric powder
1/2 sdt garam masala
Garam secukupnya

Minyak secukupnya

Bhn B: 

3 bj bwg merah, hiris2
2 tangkai daun kari
7 bj cili kering, potong dua

Bhn C: 
1 sdt biji ketumbar 
1 btg cinnamon
5 biji pcs buah pelaga
2 ketul bunga lawang

Mom perap dlm large ziplock bag, like this kind a way of marinating
  1. Marinade daging dgn bhn2 perapan utk 15mins. 
  2. No need oil, letak marinated beef dlm kuali, tutup sambil  masak hgga daging agak kering (skali skala kena kacau ye).
  3. Bila dh hmpir kering, baru letak minyak di tgh2 kuali. Kacau2.
  4. Tmbh semua bhn B & bahan C. Kacau hgga bwg2 masak (disarankn dlm 20-30min)
  5. Warna daging akn jadi kehitaman, perisakn dgn garam & gula (mom tmbh gula skit).Siap!

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