Thursday, September 22, 2016

Our humble dinner...

Assalam & Gd Day

Dah lamaaaaaa sgt menyepi...mcm2 jadi.
Busy - spt biasa
Memasak - still my main duty wpun working mom & works are piling up!
Vit M - utk upload pic ke blog je BUT rajin ke insta la plak :)

These are our dinner menu.
Simplicity is the best policy...kan?

Our kitchen menu:

Burritos - fillings: endive lettuce, scallion, tomatoes, carrot, cheese and the sauce is my homemade enchilada sauce
---> for the totilla, klik TOTILLA untuk dapatkan resipinya ye...
---> for enchilada sauce pulak, klik sini ye ENCHILADA  ; baru masak malam tadi, dah habis stok rupanya hmm...

Taco (in special form heheh): toppings: endive lettuce, scallion, tomatoes, carrot, toum, cheddar & mozzarella

Cheesy Challah - will add recipe if Allah permits hihi


Burrito with grilled chicken & veggies as fillings

Our kind of tacos - grilled for a minute or two to melt the mozza

Tarraaaa....crispy taco (not folded)

Bila makan krrrruppp krrruuppp...

Our giant dinner roll hahaha... Cheesy Challah..very eggy & of course, yummm!

All the veggies....

The color is actually a bit red enchilada sauce

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