Friday, April 22, 2011

Cuti sekolah sempena G'd Friday + Easter + Anzac day

Mmmm...Already two weeks school hols dah ni, hv another week to go. School resumes on 28th apr.
Today g'd friday,  then Easter & Anzac will be on 25th Apr but cuti Anzac dibw ke 26th (ni mommy refer pd calendar uni).

So! Phm2 je ler house skg ni is getting merrier and merrier sebab all of them dok rumah. ...means....mommy pun will hv less time ngadap notes/books/lappy uwaaaaaaaa.........

Today my doter, Batrisyia nk gi rmh nanny Khalish, sleep over ngan other school friend. Hv a lot of fun honey!

But, things go by as it is, like it or not...Hey what..I'm a mother of five! No big deal hehhehe..b.t.w. uni also will be having shut down period from today till Thursday 27. Wahhh...bila lama tak ngadap krojer, semangat pun mula ler akn decaying hikhikhik....hopefully not! My journey is still a long way to go, hope can reach to my destination on time....on the very2 right time, Amiin.


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