Sunday, May 8, 2011


Arish Ikmal - Last week after school papa bwk pi Wallsend library...story book reading time

Today's is my 4th son's 5th birthday.
Happy Birthday ARISH........! Mommy doakan Arish dgn kesihatan yg baik, punya budi pekerti yang mulia & yg penting sekali jadi anak yang soleh. Amiin.

Reminiscing back the day I gave birth to him seemed like yesterday having him! Me & my darling planned to have him after we came back from our honeymoon (again hehhe..) at Egypt (plus we went for umrah at that time). So, my darling asked for a boy and Alhamdulillah, Allah granted our wish...for the fourth time.

It was, again, Alhamdulillah a very easy & simple delivery as I wanted to let him out 2 weeks early. But wait....! Of course, no induce, no epidural (never had one!)....simply normal birth. Mommy requested kt gynae, let me have him at home because previous three births seemed smooth and okay but gynae said, NOBODY HAD SUCH REQUEST! mmm....nak balik kampung tak nak sbb sblm ni, tiga2 berpantang kat rumah sendiri, bakar tungku sendiri, benkung sendiri, uruskan anak2 & suami sendiri, masak, basuk, cuci smua2nye, takkan beranak pun takleh sendiri.....??? Gynae still said no, no, no! So, terpaksa la akur...
At school...
Back to li'l Arish story, although THAT request di-reject mentah2 tp THIS request tak pulak. The request I'm talking about is to have Arish at 38weeks (because mommy punya keje kt office tgh peak, kene abiskan project on time beb so kene beranak cpt2!). She said, it's not impossible because I've had three pregnancies so it should (InsyaAllah) be okay. But again, I didn't want induce, epidural, episiotomy & ceasar & whatsoever. Apa yg mommy nk wat, as usual, I'll do my own stimulation (to stimulate my cervic) tp kene lah tawakkal pd Allah dulu la kan sbb proses ni tak leh wat kalo cervic tak betul2 "masak"/"matang". So, gynae said no problem with that. Just doa for the best! Of course I will & always will!

Starting week 36 mommy dh ready wat regular check-up with gynae - to check the status of cervic. Bila dh "masak", we can always stimulate the effacement & dilation process, InsyaAllah. By end of week 36, Arish mcm dh phm2 mommynye soh kuar awai heheh...when checked, gynae said it's ready, yeayyyy....Nx weeknya mommy gi keje cam biasa so leh time nk wat stimulation but almost end of week 37, during weekend mmg tak putus2 wat. Mmg ada postive sign because my record of Braxton-Hicks (BH) mmg showed frequent contraction each time mommy did the stimulation. Ye ye yeh....its almost time to meet lil Arish. He's very2 co-operative! Thanks honeyyyyy....On Saturday tu I went to pasar malam with my darling, terjumpa kwn lama. Tgk my big bulky belly, dia pun tanya, bila due. I simply said, next Monday! She said, eh, dh tau ke? I replied, tak lah, but I want him on next Monday........she just grinned with a lil confusion ^___^. Sunday tu I already had a feeling, my cervic is well effaced & dilated.

So, pagi Isnin, 8 MAY 2006 tu kami anto siap2 anak2 ke school & taska. After that, we went straight to see gynae. When checked, yup, I'm dilated with 3-4cm. Alhamdulillah. Masa tu my gynae ada clinic (means she has to be at her clinic for patients' regular check-up). Again, we went to labour room & waited there with doing nothing except sembang2, igt masa gak, dok dua2 dlm bilik labour yg dh mcm bilik hotel! My darling siap pekena nasi lemak lg tuh hehhe. Since mommy ni tak rasa contraction pains so mommy tak tau how much I was dilated except gynae dtg & check. But, yg mommy tau, kalao lenguh2 kaki, mmg dh masanye & it did happen. So, by noon, ARISH IKMAL was born with normal delivery, weighing only 3.10kg (as compared to his brother with 3.60kg!); head circumference=35cm & length=51cm. One push he's out and Alhamdulillah, he was very co-operative during birthing process.

Private 5th birthday celebration...with family only!

Smlm celebrate birthday 1 day early sbb papa balik Malaysia ptg smlm so xsmpat nk tggu today. So, cam biasa mommy hari2 pun bz ngan keje skolah so just made him beries pavlova, simple choc cake, marshmallow icecream (Batrisyia's recipe & nasi lemak)...


  1. arish selamat hari lahir arissshhhh! nanti kite main badmintonnnn. alaa arish ni jurus sangat ni kak alma. boleh dak nak buat menantu? tggu lah kakpeoz beranak lagi 2,3 tahun boleh dak? hehee.
    cop kak alma, tips beranak mudah pls. cehwah. cakap macam dah kawen. blajaaq tak abeh lagi!


  2. tenkiu k peoz.....! (frm arish). jd coach trus la ndak hi3...uishh, dh ada niat nk berbesan ke wei!?!? konpem ke 2,3 lg nih, leh wat plan awai2 hahhaa..

    tips? buley prob! sharing is caring, ce wah! tp bkn leh achieve in a one day should start as early as d time "he/she" travels thru your fallopian tube, y'know! InsyaAllah..........